Why FXPRIMUS Is The No#1 Forex Broker in Malaysia?

Finding the BEST forex broker to meet your trading needs can be hard. In Malaysia, forex traders are bombarded with advertisements from forex brokers, all claiming to be the best. But the truth is, there can be only ONE NO#1 FOREX BROKER.

And I believe that FXPRIMUS is the No#1 forex broker in Malaysia.

Here are some of the reasons why I think FXPRIMUS deserves to be the No#1 Forex Broker in Malaysia:

1. Reasonable minimum deposit of just USD 100.

This is a decent amount if you are SERIOUS with Forex Trading. By the way, there are forex brokers who have much lower deposit size (e.g., USD 5). However, FXPRIMUS is special. FXPRIMUS actually wants you to succeed as a forex trader. At the same time, they are realistic with the amount of capital that a trader needs to remain competitive in the market. You probably need more than USD 5 to be generate a significant income from forex. So, don’t let the minimum deposit of USD100 deter you from opening an account with FXPRIMUS. Click here to find out 23 reasons to trade with FXPRIMUS.

2. You can TRUST them to keep your money safe and to not cheat you.

Forex in Malaysia has been tainted by scams and unscrupulous forex brokerage companies the past. A lot of people in Malaysia have been cheated by these scammers. This is one of the reasons why Bank Negara Malaysia is very strict about this and has banned forex trading in the past.

FXPRIMUS is different. They are managed by honest people who are in this in the long run. Let me quote a statement made in the fxprimus.com website.

“Similar to any stable, successful company aspiring to be prosperous for decades, we believe that a strong foundation is necessary for our corporate infrastructure.”

FXPRIMUS will be around for decades to come. This can only happen when they treat their customers well, provide excellent service and superior technology, and practice HONESTY.

One more thing that I would like to highlight here is that FXPRIMUS never withholds payment of commissions and profits to their traders. I am saying this based on my personal experience trading with them. Click here to find out more on how FXPRIMUS keeps your money safe

3. Provide world-class Forex education and tools.

FXPRIMUS knows that having the right education and the right tools can determine your success in forex. They have provided The Professional Trader Tools FREE of charge if you open a live or practice account with them. Here are the tools that you can access once you open an account with FXPRIMUS:

  • Profit with the premium trading console for MetaTrader 4 using MYFX Console.
  • Pick out winning trades with ease using Autochartist
  • Profit from 60 days 1-on-1 coaching and more inside FXPRIMUS Coach (requires a funded Live account)
  • Stay ahead of the markets at their weekly Webinars
  • Learn from more than 40 video tutorials for beginners and experienced traders

Click here to find out more about FXPRIMUS Professional Trader Tools

What Next?

You are welcomed to open a live or practice trading account with FXPRIMUS to take advantage of the benefits provided by them. Or you can do a bit more research and read further about them before you decide. I would suggests checking out testimonials and reviews about FXPRIMUS at Forex Peace Army.  They are non-biased and highly respected in the forex world.

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