Deposit & Withdrawal

The process to deposit funds into your FXPRIMUS account and withdraw funds from your FXPRIMUS account is quite simple.

If you are residing in Malaysia, the best way to deposit and withdraw your trading funds is by using a local bank transfer facility. It is within the FXPRIMUS trader portal. So, you just need to login into your FXPRIMUS account and search for the Deposit or Withdrawal menu, and choose local bank transfer as your channel of transfer.

A local bank transfer is a service where money is deposited and withdrawn from and to a local bank such as Maybank or Public Bank.

For example, lets just say you want to withdraw your trading funds from FXPRIMUS. Using the local bank transfer withdrawal facility within the FXPRIMUS website, you can withdraw to any local bank in Malaysia and receive that money within 24 hours.

The process is simple and easy.

For me personally, this is my favorite choice to deposit and withdraw funds.

You can also use other methods such as bank wire transfer, Neteller, etc. However, I strongly suggest using the recommended method (Local Bank Transfer).


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