What Sets FXPRIMUS Apart from All The Rest?

trustedadvisorSelecting a forex broker is a matter of taste. Of personal opinion. Not everyone will choose the same broker. However, my advice is to always choose a forex broker that you can trust. That is not out to get your money. A forex broker that you can cultivate a good relationship with for years and years to come.

Does FXPRIMUS qualify as one that is trustworthy and reliable? We are about to find out.

I want you to read the comment below about FXPRIMUS:


The guy who gave the comment did not say that FXPRIMUS has the lowest spreads in the industry. This implies that there are other forex brokers with lower spreads. But he highlighted specific features that made FXPRIMUS “attractive” to him:

  1. Fixed spread with almost no slippage
  2. Great customer support
  3. Reliable platform
  4. Fast funding and withdrawal

You can check out more BENEFITS by visiting the official FXPRIMUS website.

Lowest Deposit Size in The Industry?

How low can you go? Some brokers might be tempted to go for the “no deposit live account” just so that they can capture a whole lot of people to become traders with them. FXPRIMUS decided to avoid “free” and instead chose to provide the greatest value to their best clients.

To open a live account with FXPRIMUS, you need to deposit at least USD 100. It’s not the lowest but it is a decent amount and it shows how serious are you at trading. Remember, forex is a serious business. It’s not a toy. And it’s not child’s play. So children can go play with their cent accounts while the Big Boys play with ..well, Big Toys..

So if you are really serious about forex trading but you are out of cash, what you need to do is to delay the urge to immediately want to trade and start saving some money until the amount reaches USD 100.

What if you can’t save and don’t have a job and you live in your mom’s basement? My advice: GO GET A JOB!

It’s time to develop some backbone.

Office in Malaysia?

“Do you have an office in Malaysia?”

I get this question all the time. My answer is No. FXPRIMUS does not have an office here in Malaysia. They have one in Mauritius which is where they are based at but not here.

“The how can you trust a company that doesn’t open an office here?”

Good question. Now, let me give you my answer. You just have to trust them ūüôā

Amazon does not have an office in Malaysia but that didn’t stop Malaysians from buying stuff there.

For your information, In Malaysia, FXPRIMUS decided to work through Introducing Brokers (IB). We are one of them. There are others. The IB’s appointed by FXPRIMUS do not handle any transactions involving money, such as funding and withdrawals. All monetary transactions are handled via their website: FXPRIMUS.COM

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