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Are you searching for the best forex broker to trade with? You came to the right place! This website provides all the resources you need about FXPRIMUS, the world leader in Forex. Before you do anything else, please watch the presentation below:

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Why Trade with FXPRIMUS?

People ask me that question all the time! FXPRIMUS is the clear LEADER in Forex Trading! Here’s 23 reason why you should trade with FXPRIMUS.

FXPRIMUS has always referred to themselves as the safest place to trade. This is true. They have made significant effort to make sure your funds are safe and provide hedge-style protection to your deposit! Click here to find out more.

Fully-Audited Forex Broker?

Trust and transparency is something you should not take lightly. FXPRIMUS has recently PROVEN that they value the trust given by their clients. Recently, their 2012 financials have been audited, with an opinion letter issued by world renowned accounting firm Lancasters. Click here to read the letter.

Here’s what Terry Thompson, president of FXPRIMUS has to say about this:

“As the Safest Place to Trade, we continue to fulfill our responsibility to our regulators of being fully transparent in disclosing all of the required figures necessary to conduct a complete audit on all of our financial positions. Furthermore, we continue to strive to provide comfort to our clients, in knowing they’re dealing with a brokerage firm deeply concerned about continuing to fulfill its fiduciary responsibilities. For the 3rd consecutive year, we’ve had the pleasure of working with Lancaster to complete a total and complete audit.”

“As mentioned in prior years, while most brokerages are not obligated to undergo financial audits and do not go through the rigorous process, FXPRIMUS is more than happy to make the sacrifice of both time and resources in order to complete one.”

“As a company we work very hard to gain the trust of our clients, and feel each year that our annual audit is a testimony to what we do to earn this trust.”

The Safest Place To Trade

Auditing is important as it protects you from scams or corrupt business procedures. Undergoing an audit ensures that FXPRIMUS is using fair policies prescribed by law. Knowing this, you can rest assured that your funds are in safe hands.

While it’s an arduous and expensive process for FXPRIMUS to satisfy the requirements for an audit, we feel it’s absolutely necessary to show our clients we are in complete compliance across all facets of our business.

We further believe we must take steps such as this to exhibit to our clients that we are indeed the gold standard when it comes to safety of funds. We encourage you to perform complete due diligence when it comes to choosing a brokerage to place your hard earned capital.

FXPRIMUS is indeed the best and safest place to trade! So right now, I want to invite you to be a part of the FXPRIMUS family! You can  Click here to open an account with FXPRIMUS. 

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