Forex Trading in Malaysia: Are Your Funds Safe?

20130722.134302_20130722_malaysian-ringgitsI’ll be the first to admit that Forex trading is not for the faint of heart. You are going to face a lot of challenges just to get the correct information.

I have been cheated many times before I discovered FXPRIMUS. 99% of the forex brokerage companies are unscrupulous. They claim to be honest but they cheat the hell out of you by finding loopholes in their processes and system.

One way forex brokers cheat you is by not paying your withdrawal. When asked, they will give all kinds of reasons. I had this experience many years ago with a famous forex broker from Russia. I was about to withdraw USD 5000 from my trading account but my withdrawal was declined. They cited many reasons. One of them, “you can’t use wire transfer or Paypal to withdraw”. So I used another payment channel. But they still decline payment. This time, no reason was given.

I can understand those who have been played around and cheating by so called “reputable” and regulated forex brokers. in my case, I decided to walk away and never look back. It’s one of those painful episodes in my life 🙁

Thank God I Found FXPRIMUS!

For this reason, I am thankful to have found FXPRIMUS. They are most honest forex broker I’ve ever encountered. Definitely an A++ in terms of TRUST. Click here to visit FXPRIMUS official website.

Why The High Trust Rating?

When I first started trading with FXPRIMUS, I was skeptical due to my bad experience with my former forex broker. I made some money trading and after one week, I decided to withdraw my profits. It’s not much, just about USD 200. I requested a withdrawal via wife transfer to my Maybank account. As expected, I got my money within 3 days.

I’ve been a trader with FXPRIMUS for almost 3 years already. I’ve stuck with them mainly because their customer service people treat me well, they reply to my emails promptly, and they don’t withhold payment from me. Of course, there are other reasons besides the one I’ve given. Click here to read 23 reasons why you should trade with FXPRIMUS.

FXPRIMUS Delivering Trust To a Higher Level

FXPRIMUS has exceeded my expectations and I’m happy to be a trader with them. That’s not all. They have gained my trust as the most preferred forex broker.

So if you are still searching for a forex broker, I highly recommend FXPRIMUS. They have taken the best possible measures for you, so that you can trade with an absolute peace of mind when it comes to fund safety.

Firstly, your funds are segregated and administered by NINETYEAST FINANCIAL – a third-party fund administrator who administers over USD1 billion in funds from offices located world-wide.

The fund administrator also acts as signatories to all client segregated accounts, and any funds leaving the client segregated account must first be approved by them.

This is an industry-first for the retail trader, but FXPRIMUS has gone one step further.

As their client, you also get a Trust Account option, REGARDLESS of your account size!

With a Trust Account, your funds are completely segregated from the assets of FXPRIMUS and are held by an independent custodian Trustee, NinetyEast Trustees (Mauritius) Limited at world renowned Barclays Bank.

While other brokers require a USD250,000 account for clients to benefit from the advantages of Trustee services, FXPRIMUS provides this option for you no matter what your account size is.

To learn how FXPRIMUS safeguards your funds like no other broker, click here now:

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