The Trader Dilemma: Finding The Best Broker and Using The Best System?

Hey guys,

As a trader, your main concern is to make money from forex. Forex is just a tool, a medium for you to achieve this goal.

Before you are able to trade, you need to settle a few matters:

1. Where to open a trading account?

2. What kind of forex system to use?

If you are able to decide on the issues above, you are going to be fine.

Where To Open a Trading Account?

This is something that you really need to think carefully. But once you have decided on a broker to open an account, stick with it. My advice is simple: always find a forex broker that is regulated, trustworthy and honest. I give my vote to FXPRIMUS. Here’s why.

What Kind of Forex System To Use?

Instead of referring it as system, I should refer to it as technique or method of trading. I prefer using price action trading based on candlestick. It is simple but extremely accurate. Here’s one of the best training program on price action trading.

It’s written in Bahasa Malaysia by the author, Khalid Hamid. So, if you are Malaysian, you should be able to understand what is being taught. It’s extremely well written, easy to understand and effective. Lots of traders have benefited from learning under him. You should check him out here.

First, let me be frank with you. 95% of traders fail to make any money in forex. Only 5% eventually succeed and make tons of money.

The ideal lifestyle of a forex trader is one that is low stress, don’t work too much but make loads of money. That’s the dream life. However, only few achieve this lifestyle.

So decide to which path are you going to take. The ball is in your court.

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